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A True Premier Coffee Brand

the history
In 1992, Smartic Coffee opened its first café on iconic Robson Street in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Our main focus was creating specialty beverages, using only the finest quality beans to craft each beverage to suit customers’ individual tastes.
Today, Smartic is widely known for our individually crafted coffees, proprietary teas, chocolate and fruit-based beverages. Each café is also carefully designed to incorporate a welcoming and relaxed social setting to complete every customer visit.
We’re not only in the coffee business, we are coffee lover.

Coffee Product Range


Coffee Beans

Create your own special blend.


Instant Coffee

The coffee ready in a moment.


Coffee Blends

For a coffee with a unique taste.

Made with 100% select coffee beans

The Best Coffee Beans in the World

We all have our preferences on black versus cream and sugar, hot coffee versus iced or cold brew, but unifying caffeine addicts the world over is a love of a high-quality coffee bean.

Smooth Taste

of community coffee

Share the rich, smooth taste of Community Coffee with your friends and family.

High-quality Coffee

sourced, blended & roasted

High-quality coffee sourced, blended, and roasted with 4 generations of family care

Roasted to Deep

rich & blod flavor

Roasted to deep, dark perfection, this signature Dark Roast has a rich, bold flavor.

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